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This 15mm Ornate Belcher Chain and Ornate Bracelet Set will offer you a unique style. You can't go wrong when saving up to 20% on the individual items. On the low end, layer up.

  • High aesthetic polished finish
  • Widest part is 15mm
  • Can be custom sized
  • Solid Heavy Weight 300 + grams
  • Comes complete with presentation box
👍 3-5x the normal amount of gold found in plating
✔️ Fast Shipping, Tarnish resistant, Lifetime Warranty
✨ Fine Materials and a shine like no other

Chain Size:20"
Bracelet Size:8"
Color:18k Gold

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Not to be confused with regular gold plating, our gold pieces are dipped in a thick layer of 18k (5mills) gold on eco-friendly materials which is highly resisted to rust, corrosion and tarnishing.

Our 18k gold bonded pieces give you the real look & feel of gold jewellery at a fraction of the price.

Gold: 18K Bonded (Solid 9K Available)
Plating: PVD 5 Times Dipped
Diamonds: CZ (Si1 & VS1 Available)

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It’s actually OK

So when it first arrived my other half did not like it, wanted to send it back to get a refund. I’m not keen I personally don’t think it’s nice. I think it’s too big and you can see gaps in the links and I think it looks very bright like a funny colour but that is my opinion. After he had had some sleep after been on nights he looked properly and does like it, he’s worn it and it does look ok I suppose but it’s not something that I would buy personally been female. He has ordered a few extra items from the site and thinks that everything is good quality and value for money